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Are you looking for options to dispose of your operation's manure? Why not apply it to your fields for an effective and efficient fertilizer. Gansen Pumping Inc. can help you utilize the manure you already have with our manure pumping services. With servicing the Zwingle, Iowa and surrounding areas, we will come to your farm, work with you to create a manure management plan while keeping our and your biosecurity protocols in place. We then apply the manure to your fields using a dragline and a specific tool bar option of your choice to get the desired type of application you prefer.

3 reasons to get manure pumping services

There are many benefits to getting manure pumping services. When you work with our team, you:


Will save time and energy


Allows You to Utilize the manure from your operation rather than it being wasted.


Won't have to buy expensive equipment

Turn your livestock waste problem into a fertilization solution. Set up manure pumping services right away to make your job easier.

Why choose Gansen Pumping?

Your manure pumping company should reduce stress, not create more. With a lifetime of experience in farming and over 13 years of experience in manure pumping, you can feel confident that we will handle the application of your farm's manure in a professional, timely and bio-secure manner.

We'll also maintain open lines of communication, so you can ask any questions you have. Call our family-owned company today at 563-580-1571 to set up an appointment. We serve approximately a 100-mile radius around Zwingle, IA but are also willing to exploring jobs outside of that radius.