How far of area do you cover?

We roughly cover 100-mile radius from Zwingle, Iowa but always willing to look at a new project. Please don't hesitate to call and discuss options with us.

How many miles can you pump the manure?

We use a dragline system that can reach approximately 4 to 5 miles.

What are your hours, do you work around the clock?

Typically, we set up our equipment and camper close to the site, so we are available if needed. As for contacting us, feel free to call us during daytime hours.

What are your biosecurity protocols?

Gansen Pumping takes your biosecurity concerns very seriously. To help elevate any possible issues we do not allow our employees to enter any of your build sites. Any of our equipment that enters a pit below a building is washed after a job is completed and before continuing to the next job site. We also are more than happy to discuss with you any of your current biosecurity protocols.

Do you provide all of your own equipment?

Yes, almost always all the equipment is supplied by us. Most cases the farmer provides the fuel but that can be adjusted as well. We also have different options of equipment depending on your choice application of the manure.

Do you do manure sampling?

Yes, upon request we would be happy to pull samples for you.

What is the cost to have the manure pumped?

The cost of pumping depends on many factors including gallons per acre, choose of application, type of terrain manure is applied to, etc. For an estimate please call us and we would be happy to discuss this with you!